The Benefits of BRANCH

SharePoint departmental workflow

BRANCH SharePoint Onboarding and Offboarding will enable you to:

  • Establish a corporate workflow for projects and employees leveraging your SharePoint investment
  • Create onboarding and offboarding tasks quickly – Get up and running in minutes
  • Streamline communications without having to send emails back and forth
  • Improve productivity across departments by having one, central platform that is device responsive (access BRANCH anywhere there is Internet)
  • Easily administer and maintain workflows with an admin dashboard and help guide
  • Completely configure your task fields ie. category, department, status, etc.
  • Track and assign tasks based on job role and department
  • Track the average task completion time within a department
  • Mitigate legal threats by having a formalized offboarding process
  • Improve security gaps associated with employee offboarding
  • Gain honest feedback from employees on where to improve your organization’s retention
  • Improve candidate management and HR processes
  • Improve onboarding experiences that lead to increased retention and engagement
  • Improve project management
  • Prevent forgotten tasks, errors, and redundant work
  • Customize the colors and branding of your BRANCH site

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Use cases for your SharePoint Onboarding and Departmental Workflow platform

Employee LearningHiring Managers & Human Resources
Hiring Managers & HR can have a more efficient process to speed up the onboarding and offboarding of employees through an automated workflow. Tasks can be defined including employee information change, new hire onboarding, employment verification, background checks, new employee payroll setup, new employee benefits setup, new employee training setup, and employee offboarding.
Compliance & Regulatory TrainingIT
IT can leverage BRANCH to better manage any IT-related projects, along with IT requests pertaining to new hire onboarding and employee offboarding such as seat assignments and desktop setup/removal, software and licensing services, security-related services, and equipment services.
Improve Sales Presentations and Closing RatiosSales, Marketing, Management and Other Departments
The possibilities are endless when it comes to using BRANCH. Any department that is looking for a better way to manage projects and improve communications, will find the BRANCH platform to be immediately useful. In business meetings, you can quickly provide project status updates and have one central location that stores files, tasks and notes.

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Questions You Should Ask Yourself About Your Current Onboarding and Department Workflow Platform
  1. Am I relying on email to make departmental requests?
  2. Am I tracking requests and tasks on a spreadsheet?
  3. Does my current platform improve communication with other departments?
  4. Can my co-workers onboard and offboard employees and projects on any device from any where in the world?
  5. How much time could I save myself and my team if I had an entire workflow built out with departmental requests and process in place?
  6. If much of the company content is already in the Office 365 suite, why would I use another solution?
  7. If Office 365 is the company’s enterprise-wide communication and collaboration platform, then why don’t I leverage the investment that has already been made?
  8. Why should I pay for something that is outside the Office 365?
  9. Does your company have a standard platform for onboarding and offboarding of employees and projects?
  10. Would I benefit from a single hub for all new hire onboarding, employee offboarding, departmental workflow and project management?

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The BRANCH SharePoint employee onboarding and department workflow platform is ready-built, packed with features, easily configurable, and will boost productivity quickly. BRANCH leverages your Office 365 / SharePoint online investment, so there is no need to acquire a net new platform. Also, like our other SharePoint offerings, BRANCH is tied into your Active Directory, so there is no need to remember passwords for different employee onboarding / offboarding systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

» Is BRANCH a stand-alone application?

A: No, BRANCH runs in your SharePoint Office 365 environment. There is no need to purchase a new system. Just apply the BRANCH template to your environment.

» Where is the on-boarding and off-boarding content stored?

A: All content is stored in lists and libraries within SharePoint Asset Library.

» Is there a limit to the amount of content that can be stored in BRANCH / SharePoint Online?

A: BRANCH leverages SharePoint online storage. SharePoint online allow you to pool the storage among your users and purchase more if you need to. It is very inexpensive. For more information visit:
A: No, BRANCH is built in your Office 365 SharePoint Online environment. They login to Office 365 once and they can access BRANCH through Active Directory single sign-on.

» How hard is it to administer BRANCH?

A: BRANCH is very easy and simple to administer. Department heads and or training managers can administer BRANCH with ease. No need for a large training curve. Very intuitive.

» Are you able to track requests?

A: Yes, you can see assigned requests and their status in the departmental request dashboard.

» Is BRANCH available on all subscription levels of Office 365?

A: BRANCH is available on all Office 365 plans that include SharePoint Online.

» Is BRANCH available as an app in the Microsoft store?

A: No, BRANCH is deployed as a site template.

» What is the file upload limit to O365 SharePoint?

A: The current file upload limit is 10GB per file.

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