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    Signs That Your Business’s Intranet Is Hurting

    Signs That Your Business’s Intranet Is Hurting on messageops.com

    Pay attention to the symptoms that your intranet needs an upgrade

    Having an outdated intranet in your organization is a lot like having a nagging ache. You feel it, but rather than going to a doctor, you simply hope that it will go away on its own.

    It won’t.

    Instead, intranet issues will continue to snowball because no one is paying attention to the symptoms. Taking a more proactive approach, though, can do wonders for your intranet and your business.

    Collaboration collapse

    Earlier this year, we posted the five signs your company needs an intranet. One of them was collaboration.

    Now that you have an intranet, a collapse of collaboration is one of the early indicators that something is amiss. If employees are returning to email as a means of sharing and communicating – or they are simply avoiding it – there’s an intranet elephant in the room.

    Usage dropping

    Now would be a good time to look at how your employees are using your intranet. Are they logging in less and less? Are they using its features? Which features do they use and which do they avoid? Your answers to these questions can direct you to your next step.

    Design disaster

    Users are plugged in constantly. As a result, they know what they like, whether it’s appearance or ease of use. Social media platforms and developers know this, so they are always creating ways to appeal to the consumer.

    That being said, it’s a huge disappointment to sit at your work desk and deal with an intranet that looks old and outdated. This translates into a poor user experience, and this leads to avoidance.

    Clicky fingers

    Content is useful when it’s easily accessible. If it’s poorly organized or oddly grouped, it takes too many clicks for users to find it – and the only collaboration you’ll see is a group of people standing around a terminal debating on how best to find anything.

    Tribal times

    It’s only a matter a time before employees and/or departments go rogue to create their own solutions. In time, there is less engagement and cohesiveness, and more chaos.

    Mobile-ity issues

    Older intranet systems are not so compatible with today’s smartphones. Very often, they’re rarely accessible. As phones and other mobile devices become smarter, so too must your intranet.

    The fix

    If you believe one or more of these symptoms are plaguing your intranet, feel free to contact our team of intranet experts today to learn about ROOT, our SharePoint intranet portal for Office 365. We would love to give you an overview of this powerful portal that will boost productivity and engagement – and actually be used. Reach us at 800-771-7000 or through our contact form.

    Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more.