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    Forget about office space when you get Skype for Business

    Run your business with the new secure Skype for Business.

    Skype for Business - MessageOps

    Microsoft is constantly searching for ways to bring the world closer together through powerful and safe communication. More than a decade ago they brought us Skype, an online portal that would eventually break the barriers of communication between all countries. Skype changed phone calls into video conversations, and its users have been able to share more than just simple conversations. Skype allows them to share moments, celebrations, and so much more.

    Along the way these last ten years, Microsoft saw the need to bring this innovation into the office environment and created Lync, a safe and secure system that would eventually open another channel of communication within companies. As it continued progressing, Lync made connections between people to get work done. Lync opened the door to work from anywhere. Being a secure platform for businesses to communicate, Lync is now used for voice, video and conferences within organizations of all sizes.

    What is Microsoft’s solution?

    Microsoft is now bringing these two powerful tools of communication together with Skype for Business through Office 365. This new platform will allow you to reach people outside one business with the easiness of Skype plus the security from Lync. Skype for business is bringing the walls down, giving you endless possibilities for your business model.

    What is required?

    There is no hardware required for you to begin using Skype for Business. If you are currently using Lync, you will be able to access Skype for Business by updating from Lync Server 2013 to the new Skype for Business Server. For Office 365 customers, it’s even simpler. Microsoft, itself, will be making the updates for you.

    Would you like to see how it works?

    Official release for this new program will be in April. MessageOps will keep you informed of new updates and details.

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