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    Office 365 Updates Directory Synchronization and SharePoint Online Navigation Bar

    The Office 365 Update includes changes in Directory Synchronization and SharePoint Online Navigation Bar to simplify and improve your Office 365 experience.

    Even though you updated Office 365, you may not know about, or be taking advantage of, all the great changes made for better user functionality. We love following Benoit’s Corner because it does such a great job of staying up to date and explaining the newest Microsoft features, so we wanted to highlight his posts on the May 2014 Office 365 updates.

    1. The Office 365 Directory Synchronization tool now includes a feature to avoid mass deletion

    To take advantage of Office 365’s awesome new feature, important for limiting the impact of administration mistakes such as deleting the OU which hosts all the user accounts, users must run the Directory Synchronization tool in version 6765.0006 or later.

    1. Open Windows Powershell
    2. Type in: Import-Module DIRSYNC
    3. Execute Set-PreventAccidentalDeletes -Enable –ObjectDeletionThreshold <Integer> and replace “Integer” with the threshold value to stop the synchronization. If the number of items reaches or is bigger than the threshold, you will be notified by email.
    4. Enter your Office 365 administrative credentials when asked Office 365 May Update Improves Directory Synchronization and SharePoint Online Navigation Bar messageops
    5. You will see the following message after you apply the setting successfully: PreventAccidentalDeletes was enabled for your company in Azure Active DirectoryOffice 365 May Update Improves Directory Synchronization and SharePoint Online Navigation Bar messageops 2
    6. Go to your DirSync server and open the console: miisclient.exe located %programfiles%\Windows Azure Active Directory Sync\SYNCBUS\Synchronization Service\UIShell
    7. If the deletion is correct, run Set-PreventAccidentalDeletes –Disable from the DirSyncConfigShell.psc1 and execute a full synchronization.
    8. If the deletion is incorrect, you can just restore the deleted items from the directory.
    9. If you have disabled the threshold to acknowledge a mass deletion, you must redefine the value.

    2. You can now manage the Top Navigation Bar in SharePoint Online administration center.

    With the May update, you can also now manage the top navigation bar on SharePoint.
    You can reach the settings (called Top Navigation Bar User Experience) by going through the SharePoint Online administration center located at the top of the left section of the Settings.

    Office 365 May Update Improves Directory Synchronization and SharePoint Online Navigation Bar messageops 5

    Managing the top navigation bar is useful because it allows you to either display or hide links to Yammer, OneDrive for Business and Sites. You are unable to add additional links or hide Exchange Online Link (Outlook, People and or Calendar) if the user has an Exchange Online mailbox.

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