Bridging the gap between Office365 and ServiceNow

Introducing ebridge A fully developed, elegant, immediately useful integration between ServiceNow and Office 365.

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ServiceNow is your perfect partner for Office365

Reduce your swivel chair application integration by accessing Office 365 reporting and administration right from your ServiceNow console.

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Seamless Microsoft Cloud Integration

Need to or order more Office 365 licenses for new hires? No problem! ebridge connects directly into the Microsoft cloud and allows you to provision or deprovision Office licenses seamlessly, allowing you to extend your ServiceNow HR Delivery Platform.

eBridge is the ultimate ServiceNow enhancement!


Easy license management

Simplified your Office 365 On/Off boarding. Seamless Office 365 license provisioning. Office 365 license management.


Full subscription control

Quickly Activate and Suspend subscriptions - Bringing all of this data into ServiceNow allows ebridge to deliver the ultimate CIO user interface. With ebridge, you can view everything from total inventory investment, location information, software licensing/entitlements, and endpoint (or group) leases expiring to lifecycle, compliance, vulnerabilities, and much more.

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Actionable Office 365 Reporting

The Active Directory connector allows you to perform Active Directory tasks, visualize Active Directory and CMDB data without leaving the ServiceNow interface. What’s more, the Discovery functionality built into the Active Directory connector returns intelligent data to empower an end user’s day-to-day tasks.


Ticket Management

Reduce help desk call times by up 25%! eBridge automates processes and integrates information so that teams can streamline procedures. ebridge has been implemented in help desk departments to reduce call times and improve the management of data and information.


Executive Dashboards

View and act on all data sent to your CMDB from your ServiceNow dashboard. ebridge provides you with your single source of truth.


Customize your Office 365 workflow

ebridge identifies every endpoint in your IT environment. But it also goes a step further – ServiceNow automation performs set actions to keep your IT up and running around the clock.

Unlock the business value of your ServiceNow investment through ebridge. ebridge reduces your integration costs significantly and accelerates deployment of IT application integration.

ebridge makes it quick, easy, and cost-effective to connect all your IT enterprise apps with ServiceNow. Remove the complexity of integration, improve visibility across IT assets, and develop a harmonious IT infrastructure.

Try ebridge today and see what all the fuss is about.

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