Microsoft 365 for business. The full package, enhanced by us.

Ground-breaking business apps, operating system, and security solutions that provide the best environment for your business.

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The complete portfolio. And much more.

MessageOps allows you to combine Office 365 and Windows 10 into one effortless subscription, while harnessing powerful cybersecurity solutions. And we also provide unique MessageOps innovations to add even more value to your investment.

microsoft 365 for business

Get Office 365

Complete with modern, cloud-based versions of well-known and popular Microsoft applications, including Word, PowerPoint and Teams.

microsoft 365 for business

Get Windows 10

The most popular and reliable Windows operating system available and your foundation for Microsoft productivity solutions.

microsoft 365 for business

Get Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)

Security that keeps your business on the cutting edge of modern cybersecurity protections.

But that’s not all. With more than ten years as Microsoft cloud experts, MessageOps have developed our own solutions that take Microsoft 365 even further. Our Inscape platform gives you everything you need to monitor and control your environment, simply and powerfully. And when you partner with us as your CSP, providing your Microsoft 365 licenses, you also get Inscape – completely free of charge

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With MessageOps, you’ll have access to a dedicated IT partner that’s driven to help you get the most out of your Office 365 environment.

Whether you need help planning, moving to, or optimizing your perfect Office 365 environment, the IT experts here at MessageOps have the tools and expertise to help you succeed.


Expert migration planning

Integrate Microsoft 365 into your existing business IT environment. Our professional consultants advise how to plan your Windows 10 and Office 365 migrations seamlessly, identifying the Microsoft licenses and software that’ll best suit your unique business needs.


A seamless migration process

Migrate to Windows 10 and Office 365 faster and easier than ever before. Whether it’s files, Group information, or software, we ensure every aspect of your IT environment is effortlessly transferred in your new environment.

microsoft 365 for business

Effortless license management

Make MessageOps your CSP partner for access to the most advanced Microsoft 365 licensing platform available: Inscape. Provision, decommission, and change licenses easily, quickly, and in bulk.


Unparalleled Office 365 expertise

Access training materials to help workers get the most out of their new environment. Cultivate an unparalleled understanding of software that extends to every person in the business.


Granular adoption insights

Monitor every aspect of adoption in your Microsoft 365 environment. Easily view the tools and software being used, so you can see where productivity-enhancing improvements can be made.

The best of Microsoft technology

Microsoft 365 for business connects all your workers under an entirely unified IT infrastructure.

No matter what devices they work on, or from what location—they’ll have everything they need to maximize their business productivity.

The best value-adding Microsoft IT partnership available.

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