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Office 365 is both the industry standard and the cutting edge. It’s the most wide-ranging and versatile cloud productivity suite available. You’ll leverage cost-effective, collaborative, and constantly updating versions of the Microsoft technology you’re already familiar with, for unparalleled business success.

Enable effortless remote working with cloud storage

Save money by only paying for the licenses you need

Scale your subscription effortlessly as you grow

Obtain new software, patches, and bug fixes - automatically updated

Why MessageOps?

With an Office 365 partnership from MessageOps, you’ll unlock the perfect IT environment for business success.

And, with over a decade of Microsoft cloud expertise, we provide our own innovations that bring even more value and functionality to your services. Our Inscape platform empowers you to easily administrate and monitor your services, delivering an even greater return on investment. When you partner with MessageOps as your Microsoft CSP provider, you can use Inscape to provision and assign licenses, a financial snapshot of your licensing history, along with a complete management and reporting platform. That’s why businesses choose us for their Office 365 needs.

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Expert cloud consultants

Identify and plan the right cloud migration for you, and identify the licenses your business needs, with guidance from the best Office 365 experts in the industry.


Guided migration support

Achieve a seamless migration process with support from the best Office 365 experts available. Ensure vital business data and files are protected through the transition, and guarantee a working environment fit for the future.

Office 365 - Support

Integrated IT licenses

Optimize Office 365 performance and secure the maximum possible value with exclusive support and unique Office 365 management tools. All of this is available in one effortless subscription through the Office 365 CSP program.


Dynamic Office 365 training

Arm workers with the tools and training they need to amplify their productivity in Office 365. Access over 2,500 lessons on the entire Office 365 suite. Gain the maximum possible Office 365 investment value with the most wide-ranging training on the market.


Unparalleled insights

Gain unparalleled insights into Office 365 usage, adoption, and change management in your environment to ensure workers are making the most of the cutting-edge software at their fingertips.


Secure backup and recovery

Achieve impeccable security and insurance against threats, attacks and accidents with our wide-ranging Office 365 backup and security services. Including cloud backup, recovery, and automated email phishing prevention, this is everything you need to maintain a secure Office 365 environment.

Optimize Office 365 performance and unlock maximum productivity

Whatever your business needs, our experienced consultants identify, implement, and manage the perfect Office 365 environment for you.

Gain access to the best Office 365 support available anywhere in the market. With insights from leading experts, you’ll gain an IT partner dedicated to providing effortless Office 365 management.

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