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Maximize your business’s SharePoint potential

The Sequoia Suite by MessageOps gives you access to the tools and support you need to implement a simple, out-of-the-box SharePoint environment for your business that requires almost no setup. This allows you to quickly get the maximum value from SharePoint by avoiding a lengthy setup process. Whether you’re considering implementing SharePoint or exploring how to better manage your existing platform, we’re here to make it easy, fast, and seamless.

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Why MessageOps?

With dedicated SharePoint managed services, we can help install, and deploy Sequoia; the best SharePoint intranet platform for your business.

As a dedicated IT partner, we don’t rest until your organization has the IT you need to achieve true business success. Sequoia is made up of templates to help you with everything your business needs to make the most from Sharepoint, like a feature rich company intranet, a streamlined onboarding process, an effective contract management solution, and versatile gamification.


Expert consulting

Our professional SharePoint consultants can diagnose exactly how to implement and tailor a SharePoint environment to your unique requirements and integrate within your existing ERP, CRM, and file storage systems for maximum business value.


Seamless migration

Our unparalleled SharePoint migration services help you design and implement a unique migration strategy that preserves and integrates your existing business systems with SharePoint. This includes permissions, file systems, libraries, and every aspect of the IT you already use into your new business environment.

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Inclusive training

SharePoint STEM by MessageOps gives you all the information you need to quickly and effectively train your users in how to get the most out of the apps, tools, and solutions at their fingertips. Get the best SharePoint insights and training available for your business.

Productivity with Turnkey Templates

The maximum SharePoint productivity available

Make heroes of your IT leaders with the powerful SharePoint productivity suite from MessageOps. Sequoia includes everything you need to maximize SharePoint productivity, ensuring everyone has easy access to the tools and solutions they need to produce their best work.


Intuitive SharePoint interface

The ROOT SharePoint Intranet portal gives you access to the most intuitive SharePoint interface available. It’s simple to deploy, easy to configure, and quickly gives your workers access to the tools they need to succeed.

Full support at every stage of your journey

Our SharePoint consultants are dedicated to ensuring your SharePoint environment is the most responsive and productive it can be.

With our suite of SharePoint migration services, consultancy, and tools, you can maximize collaboration across your organization.

The best value-adding Microsoft IT partnership available.

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