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    Staying Relevant in the Cloud

    With technology advancing so quickly, it is important to stay on top of new advances. We were recently featured in an article by our friends over at zdnet.com about how we have embraced cloud solutions. Here are the highlights:

    Champion Solutions CEO, Chris Pyle, best explains why we have embraced the cloud so enthusiastically- “I can’t think of one customer that is not utilizing the cloud in some way.”

    One example of the work we do involves a business continuity solution built for Laurens Electric Cooperative. Using VMware vSphere and WMware View, Champion built a virtual server environment that can fall over to an offsite data center, using View to streamline the process for managing tablets and desktops that were used by remote employees. Using Microsoft Office 365, Champion also migrated the company’s exchange email into the cloud.

    When upgrading the VMware vSphere, Champion had a methodical process to make sure each and every step and component was documented. Training was provided for the IT team and employees never noticed any change in the way their systems were functioning. It was a flawless process.

    Since acquiring MessageOps in 2012, Champion Solutions now supports more than 500,000 Office 365 seats, including Champion’s own sales organization. As Pyle puts it, “It’s extremely hard to sell something that you aren’t utilizing first.”

    Champion Solutions was named Microsoft’s cloud partner of the year in 2011, and although the company “has extensive technical expertise in data center integration, it chose to focus on selling Microsoft’s cloud applications so it didn’t have to maintain the cloud infrastructure to host its own, and so that its consultants could focus on solving process-related problems rather than worrying about IT maintenance.”

    Champion focuses its cloud services on helping businesses with private cloud build outs, a good move since approximately 55% of 379 hardware decision makers in Europe and N. America plan to prioritize building an internal private cloud. According to Forrester research, 33% have already begun this process, though the majority of them are doing so using a commercially available software option instead of a converged hardware/solution or open source software.

    Have you been utilizing the Cloud? What are your thoughts?

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