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    Sway for Office 365 is rolling out now [New App]

    Sway for Office 365

    Start sharing with Sway for Office 365

    Sway is an exciting and relatively new app that allows users to connect and create in interesting ways, making it easily possible to share with friends, family, and even business associates. The user-friendly app now integrates with Office 365, and it is providing some rather unique opportunities for businesses in terms of creating internal presentations, presentations for clients, and much more. With the roll out to Office 365, the developers have added a number of fantastic new features that help to make the app even more usable.

    Currently, developers are sending the app to users of Office 365 in the business and education field, but the rollout is limited to first release customers. They will soon be supporting iPhone users as well, which will help to make it even more usable and mobile-friendly. Over the course of the next few months though, it will become available to everyone with Office 365. Professionals will find a wealth of different ways that they can use the application, including:

    • Presentations
    • Interactive reports
    • Meetings
    • Projects

    What if you aren’t in the first release group? That does not necessarily mean that your business will have to wait to start using the system. The admin who runs the company’s Office 365 can visit the admin center and then select either the entire organization or certain people in the organization to become part of the first release program. This can take 24 hours to kick in, but after that, your company will be able to start using the app.

    Sway, which was only in English previously, is now offering an additional six language for use with the app. These include:

    • Dutch
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Portuguese
    • Spanish

    Sway says that support for Japanese is coming soon, and that other languages will follow. Although, they did not give a date as to when the other languages will arrive.
    Those who are using Sway for Office 365 will find that it has many other new features added to it as well:

    • It is now possible to add small pieces of information from Wikipedia into the creations, as well as add suggested searches right in the app help you to locate information that you may want to include.
    • The app is capable of processing natural language to help find material.
    • It already includes tweets and YouTube in the search. This makes it very easy to find a wide array of media to include in the creation.
    • Another great addition is the ability to take images from Flickr. You are able to take personal images, as well as community images and use them in the narratives you create. Even those who do not have an account on Flickr are able to use this feature by finding images that have Creative Commons licensing.
    • New structure to have more choices when it comes to the way that your creation looks and organizes the content you’ve added. This helps to make design work even easier.

    Sway is a fantastic addition to Office 365, and it could be a great choice for your business, especially if your employees have to develop presentations, or if your company is involved in creative fields. If you want to learn more about what cloud apps such as Sway for Office 365 has to offer your company, get in touch with us today.


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