Learn why a value added reseller may be a better bet when switching to Office 365

The recent changes Microsoft recently made to their Cloud Service Provider (CSP) program mean that you have more options for purchasing Office 365 licenses than ever before. While MS encourages their CSPs to add value to the subscriptions they sell, some CSPs are slashing the price instead. So what should you choose? We would advocate for a value added reseller, who will generally provide better support and add-on services – some that even Microsoft doesn’t offer.

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Office 365 readiness assessment

Using a value added reseller like MessageOps will ensure that you’re prepared to migrate to Office 365. Our team will gather necessary information about your current IT infrastructure and help you build a migration and rollout plan to ensure that you won’t lose any of your current functionality or productivity when your team moves to Office 365.

Migration assistance

When your company decides to switch to Office 365 for Business, you may not realize that the migration process from your existing Microsoft Exchange server can be quite complex. During the migration process, you’ll likely want some help from an experienced migration team. When working with a value added reseller, you have a team at your disposal that can help with any issues you run into during and after the migration process.

Comprehensive reporting

Many value added resellers offer easy to use web portals that allow you to monitor, manage and view comprehensive reports regarding your Office 365 rollout. These monitoring tools allow your team to easily manage Office 365 for Business from anywhere.


When you choose MessageOps, your team will have access to MessageOps Monitor, which provides end-to-end Office 365 service visibility between Microsoft and your company’s network infrastructure. This monitoring functionality allows your team to monitor the health of Office 365 and quickly identify problems for faster resolution.

Adoption and education

Migrating to Office 365 for Business is a large undertaking and one that should not be handled alone. While you may be thinking about the difficulty in actually migrating to this new platform, there is also the aspect of ensuring all of your team members are on board with this large-scale transition. A value added reseller can help you to ensure that you’re leveraging the full power of your Office 365 for Business investment.

At MessageOps we can help to you to create a roadmap and designate Power Users and Champions that will help to train other team members on the best ways to use Office 365 in the workplace. These Power Users and Champions should be chosen wisely and need to be positive voices during the entire transition. MessageOps has significant experience in driving adoption to its highest potential and making it a fun experience for everyone involved.

Overwhelmed by the thought of migrating to Office 365?

If you and your team are overwhelmed by the thought of an O365 migration, contact MessageOps today and let us help you create a plan that makes sense for your organization.

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