In many organizations there are certain templates that have sensitive information example: Government organizations, Insurance Agencies and Human Resources. With document Fingerprinting you can set a DLP “Data Loss Prevention “policy that will assist on capturing data being sent out of the organization that meet the criteria’s.

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Additional Information


  • Log onto your Office 365 tenant as an Global Administrator
  • Go to EAC “Exchange Admin Center“

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  • On the Left Panel click on Compliance Management, click on Data Loss Prevention on the top menu.

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  • Click on Manage Document fingerprints.

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  • A new Window loads, navigate to the file that you wish to use as a source for the template. Please make sure that’s it’s one of the supported file types.

document fingerprints screenshot

  • Add a document fingerprint to a Policy.

new custom DLP policy screenshot

  • File out the information. Please note that by default its set to “Test DLP Policy without Policy tips“.

DLP policy requirements screenshot

  • Once you create the Policy you need to add a rule to the policy. The rule I edited is to block the message. When creating the rule you must select the sensitive information type. Please select the new Document FingerPrint Policy created. Once you complete this step, you can test it in OWA “Outlook Web App“.

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