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    Tech Tip: How to Add a Dial-In Number to Skype or Teams Conference Calls

    By: Carlos Miyares IV

    One of the most frequently asked questions here at the CSP Helpdesk revolves around how to add a dial in number to Skype or Teams meetings.  Many users would like to not be required to take the call/meeting at their computer or desk and would rather take the call on the road or somewhere remote.  By following these steps this will allow the host of the meeting to include a dial in phone number so invitees of the meeting will have the option to either dial in or to take the call from the app.

    1. Ensure your Country or Region is supported for Audio Conferencing:
    2. Each user must meet the prerequisite of having assigned:
      1. Microsoft 365 License
      2. Microsoft E3 License
      3. Microsoft E5 License
    3. For every user that needs a phone number to dial in for their Skype/Teams meeting an Audio-Conferencing Add-On License will need to be procured from customer.cspboss.comSkype or Teams
    4. Once Audio Conferencing has been procured you will need to add this license to the user in the Office 365 Admin Portal
    5. Next you will need to acquire toll or toll-free phone numbers for audio conferencing. To do this:
    • Sign in to Office 365
    • Go to Admin Center -> Skype for Business Admin Center -> Audio Conferencing
    • Select Users at the top
    • Double click user that needs Default toll number or Default toll-free number
    • Select appropriate toll or toll-free number that applies for that user

    • Open outlook.office.com
    • Open your calendar
    • Click +New
    • Add your details for the meeting invite
    • Click Add Skype meeting
    • The call-in number will be added to the body of your invitation for you, only the receiver will see the number in their invite.

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