If you’re trying to manually configure a profile in Outlook, you may have noticed that the process has changed and is a bit different than in the previous version of Office 365. If you’re feeling stumped, we’re here to help.


Configure a Mailbox manually in Outlook on the new version of Office 365.

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Connect to Exchange Online Using Remote PowerShell


Sometimes a user’s mailbox does not configure using Autodiscover. The process of how to configure a mailbox manually has changed. It is a little bit different then from how it was on the previous version of Office 365. Below are instructions on how to manually configure a mailbox in Outlook.


  • First you must obtain the users ExchangeGUID. Connect to Exchange Online using remote powershell. Once you are connected run the command below. This will give you all of the ExchangeGUID’s on your Office 365 tenant and it will save the information into a CSV file.
    Get-Mailbox | Format-List DisplayName,ExchangeGuid | Out-File c:\temp\ExchangeGUIDS.csv
  • Go to control panel Click on Mail
  • Click on Show Profiles, Click Add, type in a profile Name
  • Select Manually configure server settings, Select Microsoft Exchange
  • Under server name you will type in the ExchangeGUID. Please add @ur-domain.com behind it.
    Example: [email protected]
  • Click on more settings, click on the TAB security, and on the bottom under logon network security,
  • Select Anonymous Authentication, if it is missing that means that Office updates are not up to date.

MS Exchange Security Tab Screenshot

  • Click on the tab connection and on the bottom put a check on Connect To Microsoft Exchange using HTTP and click on Exchange Proxy Settings.

MS Exchange Connection Tab Screenshot

  • Click on Exchange Proxy Settings.
    Note: Below is a screen shot of the settings specified.

    • Under Connection settings type in: outlook.office365.com
    • Put a check on Only connect to Proxy servers and type in msstd:outlook.com
    • Put a check on Fast Networks and On Slow networks
    • Under Proxy authentication Settings set it to Basic Authentication.
    • Click Ok

MS Exchange Proxy Settings Screenshot

  • Click on Next, and you will be prompted to enter your User name and Password once entered and it authenticates click on Finish.

Windows Security Mail Application Screenshot

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