Ever been curious on how to enable ADFS tracing logs in event viewer? Wondering why you would want to know how to do that? The key benefit of knowing how to enable ADFS tracing logs in event viewer is that when you are trouble shooting user authentication scenarios, event viewer provides you with a more detailed description on why the failure is occurring which can be extremely helpful in getting to the root of an issue. For additional information on this topic you can click here.

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Here are the 4 simple steps on how to enable ADFS tracing logs in event viewer:

  1. Open Event Viewer > Go to Applications and Services Logs > AD FS 2.0
  2. Right click and select View, Select Show analytic and debug Logs. You will see a new node for AD FS 2.0 Tracing.
  3. Navigate to AD FS 2.0 Tracing, Right click Debug, and select Enable Log.
  4. Start the ADFS Service and refresh the ADFS 2.0 Tracing Logs.

That’s it folks. Four simple steps to enable ADFS tracing logs in event viewer. Got any issues you want us to cover in our weekly Tech Tips?  Get in touch!

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