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The #1 Reason SharePoint Projects Fail – And What You Can Do About It

The #1 Reason SharePoint Projects Fail – And What You Can Do About It on messageops.com

Most SharePoint project failures have nothing to do with technology

A recent survey looked at why some SharePoint projects have fallen short, and the results may surprise you. According to this data from AIIM, the majority of participants blamed SharePoint failures on lackluster support from high-level management. While these findings may sound a bit grim, roughly 75% of enterprise customers plan to stick with SharePoint, hoping to iron out any efficiencies that may be hindering their progress.

How can you get executives more involved?

Too often, upper-management personnel are not directly involved in important decisions like the success of SharePoint projects within an organization. One of the main ways to ensure success is to specifically engage executives throughout a project’s lifecycle. From start to finish, they should be plugged in to ensure that they see how an effort is progressing and how SharePoint is helping to facilitate this completion.

Tips to ensure that your SharePoint projects succeed

At MessageOps, we’ve worked with many enterprises that have successfully implemented SharePoint to handle a variety of project functions. There are several common themes that we’ve seen across these efforts, including:

• Training: Some organizations assume that they can just roll out SharePoint and it will instantly make all of their projects run smoother. This is simply not the case. It’s important that proper procedures are followed when it comes to introducing the platform.

Your organization must promote ‘buy-in’ from both high level executives as well as employees across all levels of a company. Working with a company like MessageOps can help you to spearhead a successful training initiative that will smooth SharePoint adoption within your organization.

• Use SharePoint as an Intranet portal: Today, even many small companies have employees, suppliers, and customers located all around the world. To better manage all of these moving pieces, it’s critical that a company has a central portal, or Intranet, to manage all phases of critical projects. With SharePoint, you can easily create a fully-functional Intranet portal that will allow employees to track and communicate internally from any type of device, whether it’s a computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

MessageOps offers ROOT, a SharePoint Intranet portal that is fully ready to go and packed with features. Don’t make the mistake of taking months, if not years, to roll out a portal for your company. ROOT can have your SharePoint Intranet up and running in a matter of hours.

Game-ify it with CROWN: Encourage learning within your organization with CROWN, a SharePoint Learning Management System powered by gamification. You no longer have to utilize a different platform to leverage gamification to better train and engage your employees. CROWN offers a feature-packed solution that can operate within your SharePoint portal.

Partner with MessageOps to help ensure that your SharePoint projects don’t fail

SharePoint projects don’t have to fail if they’re executed properly. Successful efforts must start with committed leadership and be followed by effective tracking tools that can spot potential issues as they come up.

If you’re looking for more information on how to use SharePoint to manage projects within your organization, or as a fully-featured Intranet portal, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts by phone at 877-788-1617 or through our contact form today.