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    The Growth of Exchange Online

    At MessageOps we are constantly trying to learn as much as we can about the inner workings of Microsoft Online.  One thing we’ve been tracking for the past 6 months is number of BPOS-S mailbox servers in the NOAM datacenter.  The growth is pretty astonishing so we thought we’d share our findings!

    What we’ve observed is the number of mailbox servers has more than tripled in the past 6 months, going from around 16 in June to around 55 in December!  We also estimate that there are 15,000 – 20,000 mailboxes per server, putting the total number BPOS-S mailboxes hosted in the NOAM datacenter somewhere around 1,000,000.

    On caveat, we have very limited visibility into Microsoft Online, so these numbers could be a bit off (especially the number of mailboxes per server).  One thing is for certain though, in the past 6 months the number of mailboxes on the service has grown tremendously!

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