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    The Latest Microsoft Cloud Updates Before 2014

    Microsoft is bringing you a better service that understands your company’s needs. They have been very busy this end of year – releasing new features and upgrading their Cloud services constantly. Read below for a brief summary on some of the Microsoft Cloud Updates before 2014.


    1 Office 365 Admin Mobile App

    This nifty mobile app allows for the Admin-on-the-Go to check the service health of your Office 365 service. The app was first released in November for the Windows Phone, but as of December 21st, iOS (7) and Android (4.2.1+) users now have their own version of the app available.

    See the Office 365 Admin App FAQ: http://community.office365.com/en us/wikis/manage/office-365-admin-app-faq.aspx

    See the official Microsoft post here: Check the service health of your Office 365 service on the go



    2  Yammer in Office 365

    With the rise of Yammer in June, and the addition of it to all Enterprise level service plans in November, Yammer is continuing to grow and merge into Office 365.

    Break the mental connection that Yammer is just another Social Networking Site for corporations.
    Yammer is much more than just a social networking site or community portal for your company, and once you take advantage of it you’ll wonder how your company ever survived without. For those not familiar with Yammer, it is an advanced enterprise social networking tool that allows for sharing, maintaining, and collaborating on content within your company, or via External Networks (across multiple organizations). It allows for you to build a sense of community within international organizations by allowing everyone to communicate and stay
    up-to-date in one central location.

    Yammer has the potential to integrate or replace many current intranet site configurations, which can allow for you to consolidate where users are going and logging into for company information.

    For businesses that aren’t looking to move to Yammer (yet), or incorporate another service, there is still SharePoint Newsfeed. Newsfeed is the default social collaboration setting in SharePoint Online. For more information of the differences between the two features, refer to the article here: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/office365-sharepoint-online-enterprise-help/pick-your-enterprise-social-network-yammer-or-newsfeed-HA104037368.aspx


    For more information on the features available, see the following: https://about.yammer.com/product/feature-list/

    Check out the mobile apps available: https://about.yammer.com/yammer-blog/get-going-new-mobile-apps/


    3  Switch to a Different Office 365 Service Family

    Instead of being stuck on one of the types of plans available in Office 365, such as Small Business, MidSize, or Enterprise, switch your plan.

    This new feature help alleviate stress from company growing pains by allowing for you to rapidly adjust your current service plan to one that best meets your budding necessities; effectively eradicating many painful, and many times expensive, migrations from one service plan to another.

    If you’re unfamiliar with the different features and limitations placed on each of the service families, please see the following site: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/business/compare-office-365-for-business-plans-FX102918419.aspx


    Presentation11 (1)

    4  Windows Azure Active Directory Premium

    Currently in Public Preview (meaning it’s in testing and
    currently free), is Windows Azure Active
    Directory Premium

    Active Directory Premium provides additional features for identity and access management when using Windows Azure. Some of the new features announced are:

    This is not a comprehensive list of features being added. As it is still in Preview, more features over time will be added.

    With a one month trial of Windows Azure, enrolling in the AD Premium preview is even easier. Get your feet wet and try out another great Microsoft product – without the deployment cost.

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