What do successful leaders say and do to manage change and drive adoption?

I remember my dad telling me that “the fish rots from the head down.” And I think the same could be said of any business. What the head of the company does, the rest of the corporate body will do too.

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With this in mind, what can leadership do to guide change management and drive adoption of Office 365? While some things are obvious, like sending out a company-wide notice explaining the switch and setting an overall vision, there are other requirements that must also be considered and put into action.

MessageOps has helped hundreds of companies in their adoption journey, ensuring that they’re able to help their business units understand and leverage the full business value of Office 365. We like to make sure people aren’t just using it as an email system because it really is a powerful productivity tool that has the ability to transform the way companies do business.

To find out the list of traits and actions are the common denominator among leaders who successfully transition their organizations to Office 365, click here.

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