Ensures that all security, privacy, and compliance requirements are met

These days, we could all use some assurance – especially when it comes to the cloud and consumer concerns for security, privacy, and compliance. Microsoft Office 365 recently rolled out a series of solutions that provide you with visibility over actions taken and control over your content in the cloud.

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There’s a new dashboard in town

The Service Assurance Dashboard allows users to have access to relevant information so they can perform on demand risk assessment. Among the key elements are:

Audited Controls

This feature provides customers with details on how Office 365 implements controls that protect confidentiality, integrity, availability, and reliability. In addition, there is information on how independent 3rd-party auditors test the effectiveness of these security, compliance, and privacy controls. According to Microsoft, customers have found this specific feature most helpful.

Compliance Reports & Trust Documents

Created by independent 3rd-party auditors, these SOC and ISO audit reports, white papers, and FAQs are geography and industry specific.

These reports are developed across the Microsoft cloud stack and provide insight into encryption, incident management, tenant isolation, and data transmission, restoration, and back-up.

Customer Security Considerations Workbook

This guidebook is full of security controls, configurations, and compliance issues that customers can consider when adopting, initiating, or managing Office 365.

Secure solutions

MessageOps understands that having the right security solution for your Office 365 environment is vital. We support your access to the cloud, ensure that your environment is secure, and monitor everything that’s going on – so you know exactly what’s going on.

If you’re looking for assistance in negotiating the new Office 365 security features or you are planning a secure environment that works for you and your team, contact our experts today at 800-771-7000 or through our contact form.

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