Be sure that you’re analyzing all the necessary management costs when calculating the true cost of Office 365.

Determining the true cost of Office 365 can be a difficult task. While the actual per seat cost of Office 365 is anywhere between $5 and $35 per user per month, there are other indirect costs, which are often overlooked when implementing cloud-based solutions.

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Why the seat cost of Office 365 can be misleading

While the average seat cost for Office 365 is $10 per user per month, this does not include in-house administrative tasks, which can cause the true price of Office 365 to grow significantly. When most organizations think of the cost of Office 365, they’re only thinking about the initial monthly outlay, not any of the price related to staff managing subscriptions, billing, security, and performing other maintenance tasks.

MessageOps recently performed an Office 365 survey that polled a large number of IT professionals to attempt to determine the true cost of administering this cloud-based productivity tool. According to the survey, if you were to take the average cost per seat for Office 365 of $10 per user per month and added in management costs, you’d likely be looking at close to double the price. This means that when utilizing cloud solutions, it’s important to not only keep in mind the initial monthly subscription price, but also any additional management time, which may not be immediately apparent.

To fully utilize Office 365 requires time and training

If your organization is looking to get the most out of Office 365, it’s important that you invest the necessary time and training to use Office 365 to its full potential. While Office 365 is user-friendly and easy to use, it’s a massive platform with new features being added all the time. Only by working with a full-service partner like MessageOps can you truly get the most out of the platform. MessageOps offers a wide array of Office 365 Training materials that can ensure you and your team are able to use the vast majority of features that come standard with Office 365.

MessageOps Office 365 value added services

As a full-service Office 365 partner, MessageOps provides a wide array of Office 365 adoption, security, service, training, and management services to its clients. These value-added services allow you to turn over many of the more complex management tasks to an organization that has years of experience with the Office 365 platform. Our Office 365 adoption and management services ensure that your team can be trained on the latest features as well as remain in compliance based on any industry restrictions.

These value added services are competitively priced and in some cases actually included with your per seat Office 365 cost.

Free up your IT team to tackle other more pressing tasks

By working with a Microsoft partner like MessageOps, you can ensure you’re hiring experts that can handle any and every potential Office 365 issue that could occur. By handing over the management of Office 365 to MessageOps, your IT team can focus on other business issues that can ultimately help to grow your organization.

Read more about the true price of Office 365 in our whitepaper, or to learn more about how MessageOps can help you leverage the full power of Office 365, reach out to our team today.

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