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    6 Things to Keep in Mind About the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP)

    6 Things to Know About the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program

    Streamline how you handle Microsoft licensing with the new Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP).

    For the past few decades, organizations looking to purchase multiple Microsoft licenses had little flexibility. As the software landscape has changed and more tools have moved to the cloud, Microsoft has adjusted how they sell their software and services. Office 365, in particular, has pushed Microsoft to adapt their licensing strategy into what is now dubbed the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP). If you’re not familiar with the new CSP program, read on to learn why this may be a way your organization can save money and increase flexibility surrounding Microsoft licenses.

    What is the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program?

    A Cloud Solution Provider is a company that’s been properly vetted by Microsoft and is therefore able to resell Microsoft software and also provide support, which allows them to be more involved in their customers’ daily business dealings.

    Tips When Working with a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

    Below are just a few of the many benefits of working with a CSP that you should keep in mind when determining how to most efficiently manage your Microsoft software and services.

    1. Significant flexibility around licenses – With the CSP program, you have total flexibility around the number of users or devices. This way you can add or remove users throughout the year and only pay for what you use.
    2. Access to a wide array of Microsoft products and services – The Cloud Solution Provider program gives you access to the majority of Microsoft’s cloud-based products and services including those below, and additional products are constantly being added.

                   • Office 365

                   • SharePoint Online

                   • Exchange Online

                   • Skype for Business Online

                   • MS Enterprise Mobile Suite

                   • MS Office Pro Plus Enterprise E3 and E5

                   • Visio

                   • MS Dynamics Online

                   • Project

                   • Azure

     3. Monthly billing – Previous licensing programs such as the Enterprise Agreement required upfront, annual payments, whereas with CSP, you to pay monthly for the services and users you need and nothing more.

     4. Ongoing support – With the CSP program, the company providing you with your Microsoft licenses will also handle support. This way you’ll have one contact whether you’re looking for sales or support.

     5. No long-term contract – Another massive benefit of the CSP program is that there is no long-term contract. Simply signup or cancel in any month of the calendar year. This gives you the ability to modify the number of users in your subscription, as well as the applications and services you’re using each month.

     6. Streamlined billing – No longer will you be billed directly by Microsoft. Instead you’ll be billed by your CSP provider, who may also provide other IT related services, which should help to streamline billing.

    CSP program offers a slew of benefits to help fuel your company’s growth

    There’s no arguing that cloud services and software are here to stay. At MessageOps, we’ve been a long time Microsoft Partner and are excited about how we can offer even more value to our customers through the CSP Program. Contact our experts today so learn more about what we can do for your organization.

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