Azure Native Tools Comparison for the 5 Disciplines of Azure Cloud Governance

Tools for Governance

When you are considering what tools you will need for Data Governance, you do not need to look much further than the Azure native tools for Data Governance. We have outlined below the tools that are within Azure, which are part of the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF). It’s worth noting that you do not need every one of these tools to establish the 5 Disciplines of Cloud Governance, but for the purpose of this blog we wanted to share with you all the native tools for Data Governance.

If you are looking to create an Governance program, it’s most likely for one of these reasons:

  1. You want to control which VMs a specific user can manage in the Azure portal
  2. You want better insights on how to manage, control and budget for your Azure expenses
  3. You want to limit deployment to specific VM SKUs
  4. You want to ensure that resources are identified as belonging to production or development
  5. You want to manage access, policy, and compliance across multiple subscriptions
  6. You want to ensure that newly added subscriptions apply existing established policies

(or a combination of the above)

Below we have listed the 5 Core Pillars of the Azure Cloud Adoption Framework for Governance along with the Azure Governance Tools to assist you in your Governance Strategy.

The native tools available for the 5 Disciplines of cloud Governance:
(Click on the chart below to view a larger version)

  1. Cost Management
    1. Azure Blueprints
    2. Azure Policy
    3. Azure Cost Management 
    4. Azure Advisor
    5. Azure Portal
    6. Azure EA Content Pack
  1. Security Baseline
    1. Azure Blueprints
    2. Azure Policy
    3. Azure Security Center
    4. Security Management
    5. Threat protection 
    6. Threat Protection
    7. Azure Encryption
    8. Azure Hybrid Identity
    9. Azure Networking 
    10. Azure Automation
  1. Resource Consistency
    1. Azure Blueprints
    2. Azure Policy
    3. Azure Monitor 
    4. Identity
    5. Change Tracking
    6. DSC 
    7. Automation
    8. Update Management 
  1. Identity Baseline
    1. Azure Blueprints
    2. Azure RBAC
    3. Azure AD
    4. Azure AD B2B
    5. Azure AD B2C
    6. Azure Directory Federation
    7. Azure Directory Replication
  1. Deployment Acceleration
    1. Azure Blueprints
    2. Azure Policy
    3. Resource Grouping and Tagging
    4. Resource Manager Templates
    5. Azure Site Recovery 
    6. Azure DevOps
    7. Azure Backup
    8. Azure Automation

Azure GlidePath™ Services for Governance

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