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    Top 10 Office 365 Tech Tips of 2018

    Tech Tips by MessageOps

    With 2019 almost here, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at some of our most read tech tip blog posts from the past year. These posts covered a wide array of topics, some of which were centered around new MessageOps offerings, while others detail helpful tips and tricks to leverage Office 365, or the wide array of migration challenges (and solutions) faced by most growing organizations.

    The Top Tech Tip blog posts from MessageOps:

    1.SMTP Relay with Office 365

    SMTP Relay with Office 365 is one of the more common questions we get at MessageOps. It seems there is some confusion about what actually constitutes a relay, so let’s start off with trying to determine if you actually need to relay with Office 365 and then we’ll get into the options.

    2. Sync Distribution Groups in Office 365

    Do you want to sync distribution groups when migrating to Office 365, but are having trouble?

    We recently worked with a customer who had over 300 distribution groups that were not syncing to Office 365. Upon review, we noticed that the distribution groups did not have a Display Name.


    3. 5 Tips for Working Offline With Office 365

    Office 365 comes in 3 standard plans for business. If you’re looking to use Office offline you’ll want to purchase a plan that allows for the full use of Office on your computer, even without an internet connection.


    4. How to limit senders to a Distribution List in Exchange Online

    1. Create a DL in the Microsoft Online Administration Center (MOAC) that you want to restrict.
    2. Open a Service Request to have this DL restricted to only specific senders (users)
    3. Optional: You can set whether the DL accepts senders from outside BPOS in the DL properties in MOAC
    4. Optional: If you want to dynamically manage this setting, you can create another DL to perform this option. This will require a request be submitted to convert the DL to a Security Group (SG)


    5. Creating Office 365 Distribution Groups by CSV and Adding Members by CSV

    When you’re creating and adding members to Office 365 distribution groups by CSV in Office 365, it can be very time consuming to go one by one. Using the scripts below can help you save time and frustration when creating and adding members to distribution groups by CSV.


    6. How to Grant Full Access to an Office 365 Mailbox

    To grant full access to an Office 365 Mailbox you must first connect to the remote PowerShell, by typing the 3 commands in your local PowerShell.


    7. Remove Users From the Office 365 Cloud Using Windows Azure Powershell Module

    It’s Tech Tip time and we’re discussing how to remove users from the Office 365 cloud. When a user is deleted from Office 365 it goes into the recycling bin. This bin will clear about by itself every 30 days. Below are commands that will help you remove users from the Office 365 cloud, the recycling bin and more.


    8. Microsoft Teams Quick Start Guide & Cheat Sheet, TEAMS Training

    Many MessageOps members have been excited about the recent release of Microsoft Teams. Teams is Microsoft’s answer to Slack, a very popular chat and communication platform that has been in the market for a few years now.  We have been using Teams for several weeks now and we really enjoy it.


    9. Windows Azure Active Directory Premium Features

    Built on top of a large set of free capabilities in Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Active Directory Premium provides a robust set of more advanced features to help empower enterprises with more demanding identity and access management needs.


    10. 15 of the Best Office 365 Features

    We’re betting that you’ve heard a lot about Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud version of Office offered on a subscription basis, but what you may not realize is how many amazing features it has that make using it easy and extremely effective for not only businesses but also those using it for personal reasons.


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