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    Top 5 New Azure Enhancements for Moving Production Workloads from On-Premises Environments to Azure

    As more and more companies move their production workloads into Azure, Microsoft is enhancing the management and features to support production environments. Companies are used to a wide array of management and automation processes in their existing on-premises environments. Microsoft is now focused on bringing those same toolsets into the Azure ecosystem. This has accelerated the migration of large production workloads into the public cloud, improving local management and disaster recovery. These are the top 5 enhancements that help companies realize the value of Azure.

    1. New customizations in Azure Migrate to support your cloud migration – You can accelerate your cloud migration using intelligent migration assessment services like Azure Migrate. Azure Migrate is a generally available service, offered at no additional charge, that helps you plan your migration to Azure.

    Azure Migrate

    1. Respond to threats faster with Security Center’s Confidence Score Azure Security Center provides you with visibility across all your resources running in Azure and alerts you of potential or detected issues. The volume of alerts can be challenging for a security operations team to individually address. Due to the volume of alerts, security analysts have to prioritize which alerts they want to investigate. Investigating alerts can be complex and time consuming, so as a result, some alerts are ignored.

    3. Azure Monitor: Route AAD Activity Logs using diagnostic settings – In partnership with the Azure Active Directory (AAD) team, Microsoft announced the public preview of AAD Activity Logs using Azure Monitor diagnostic settings. Azure Monitor diagnostic settings enable you to stream log data from an Azure service to three destinations: an Azure storage account, an Event Hubs namespace, and/or a Log Analytics workspace. This allows you to easily route logs from any Azure service to a data archive, SIEM tool, or custom log processing tool. With today’s announcement, you will now be able to route your AAD audit and sign in logs to these same destinations, centralizing all of your Azure service logs in one pipeline.

    4. Extracting actionable insights from IoT data to drive more efficient manufacturing – Thanks to the explosion of IoT we now have millions of devices, machines, products, and assets connected and streaming terabytes of data. But connecting to devices, ingesting and storing their sensor data is just the first step. To help you cut through the overwhelming amount of information and provide a path for your company to take the first actionable step in using an IoT solution, Microsoft just released the Extracting insights from IoT data overview

    5. Leverage Microsoft funding now available for Azure Services – Champion / MessageOps can help you take advantage of available funding from Microsoft to perform various Azure services. These services help you determine which workloads are ready to move to Azure, and in what fashion. You can get the proper roadmap and guidance to prepare your staff, systems, tools and processes, along with migration planning. Contact us to get started.

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