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    Top 6 Features of Microsoft Visio

    Your company is on its path to modernize workplace solutions as you have already invested in Office 365. Help your teams optimize their business operations by documenting, analyzing, and automating business processes in a better way.

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    Microsoft Visio will enable your teams to create business workflows effortlessly. Office 365 users can view, edit, and collaborate on Visio diagrams directly inside Microsoft Teams. In addition to that, users with Microsoft Visio Online Plan 2 can leverage Office 365 applications in multiple ways.

    1. Convert Microsoft Excel process map data into Visio diagrams with Data Visualizer.
    2. Automatically document your Visio process diagrams in Microsoft Word.
    3. Breakdown complex diagrams into single parts with Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Snippets.
    4. Create professional diagrams effortlessly
    5. Collaborate with others and share diagrams seamlessly
    6. Simple, highly secure sharing

    In addition to the integration with Office 365, your teams can benefit from (4) embedding custom Visio diagrams into Microsoft Power BI dashboards. They can also (5) automate processes designed in Visio through their export into Microsoft Flow.*

    * Visio-Flow integration is only available for Office Insiders with Visio Online Plan 2.

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