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    Top 6 Updates on Office 365 for Business

    Top 6 Updates on Office 365 for Business - MessageOps Boca Raton, FL We’ve gathered the top 6 updates on Office 365 for business owners who have moved or are thinking about migrating to the cloud:

    1. Top 6 Updates on Office 365 for Business - MessageOps Boca Raton, FL Office Graph API: This tool will allow developers to build stronger applications to map out the connections between people and their interest for better market research. These solutions are possible thanks to this unified API that will go into rich data and machine-learning tools. All of it will be possible with a new single joined API endpoint. You can learn more about the progress of this new tool here.

    2. Expanded Office add-in capabilities: Word and PowerPoint for iPad are coming soon to the market, and these new add-ins will help developers in reaching over 100M more Office users. The add-ins work just like the ones on the desktop display that users are already accustomed to, making the transition easier for the end-users.

    3. Unified APIs for enterprise and consumers: this capability pretty much grants you access to your data from anywhere through Outlook, Outlook.com, OneNote, and OneDrive for business. This is any business owner’s dream, to enhance and keep up with productivity regardless of conditions or locations.

    4. Skype Developer Platform: this tool will enable businesses to reach customers, vendor and/or partners through the already familiar Skype tool with a more secure system that will allow for chat, audio, video calls and more. Learn more about it here.

    5. Top 6 Updates on Office 365 for Business - MessageOps Boca Raton, FL New reporting dashboard and an Office 365 content pack for Power B: This powerful tool will help business owners in understanding how their organization runs. You will be able to obtain a better visual on your consumers’ experience with trends and summaries. They are also working on getting even more detailed reports from other services including Yammer and Office 365 ProPlus. You can get more details here.

    6. Outlook is now available for Android users: after 17 updates, outlook for Android users is ready and comes with an improved look and feel, supporting IMAP for more providers such as AOL or Comcast, revised contacts section, improved directory search, upgraded calendar views, and so much more. Click here to review all the updates for the new Outlook for Android users.

    Office 365 ultimate goal is to simplify the confusion (if any) about the licensing process to use Microsoft Office Suite, while providing productivity features that go beyond your traditional Microsoft Office Suite. Office 365 for businesses of any size is bringing  the capability of staying connected anytime from any location. Having this kind of power, makes your business more productive.

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