Here are some of the top questions we get asked frequently here at MessageOps. Maybe some of those answers will help you. If we didn’t cover your problem, please contact our team.

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1. What is the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program and what value-added services are included for free by MessageOps (including free Exchange Migrator)?

Feel free to schedule a 20 minute consultation to learn about the program and have all your questions answered on how you can receive more value adds for no required additional spend.

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2. Do you have an easier way to manage our Office 365 and keep things more secure with enhanced visibility?

Yes, Inscape.

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3. What is Exchange Migrator?

It is an Office 365 migration tool and a PST export archive software. It comes with a 1 year license. You must select the mailbox pricing tier based on the tenant/domains’ total overall mailbox volume.

4. How do I buy Exchange Migrator, PST Importer User Edition, Password Sync and your other software?

You can test our products as a guest. If you want to buy them, you can pay with credit card. Orders processed only during our business hours M-F 9 am to 5 pm (EST).

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5. What do I do if receiving Exchange Migrator errors?

See our Exchange Migrator FAQs. If you need domains added to your license key file send current license key file and details to [email protected]. If you are receiving consistent errors on Exchange Migrator 4.0 on Outlook 2016 then try running prior version of Exchange Migrator software 3.93 from an Outlook 2013 or 2010 machine. If the FAQ or prior version does not solve your issue email [email protected].

3.93: Older version of the application (if you are having issues with the Office 2016 version this only works for Office 2013 or earlier)

64 bit: Download MOExMigrator3.93_x_64 here

32 bit: Download MOExMigrator3.93 here


6. I cannot find a valid download link for a free software, what is your available software?

You may come across other past software in our archives via the search bar but these are the only offerings we have currently. Free software is not supported.

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7. What should I do with the mandatory Windows 10 upgrade coming around the corner?

Implementing an upgrade and migration is a significant IT undertaking. As companies evolve to the digital workplace, they have come to understand that Windows 10 is a key component in the strategy. By making the upgrade, you will have more security and user self-service features, as well as better employee engagement with one experience across devices.

Choosing the right partner to assist you in the deployment of Windows 10 is critical. Sirius has the experience to guide you on your journey.

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8. What are all the areas of expertise MessageOps can provide?

Take a look at our services and solutions on our website.

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9. How can I get my end users utilizing SharePoint more?

We can help you with this very common problem. Please take a look at our services and solutions.

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10. How can I train my end users on all the applications and new additions in Office 365?

We offer some great training and adoption information.

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11. How can I add Sirius / MessageOps as my digital partner of record?

This is available only if you are outside the United States, or if in the U.S. you must have an enterprise agreement or volume licensing agreement for your Office 365. You may only have one partner of record, our partner code is 987951. Read about How to add, change, or delete a subscription advisor partner.

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12. Who are the different vendors Sirius and MessageOps has strong partnerships with?

Take a look at our partners page.

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13. Do you have any references on companies you have done business with in the past?

Take a look at our clients page.

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