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    Top Office 365 Videos from our MessageOps Techs

    The MessageOps Techs have gathered a few top Office 365 video recommendations for you to tour.

    Whether you are an Office 365 newbie, an experienced pro or thinking about transitioning to Office 365, check out these Office 365 Videos to make your life easier and more effective.

    Office 365 Adoption Tour:

    www.Office365Adoption.com is the first stop for all the employees in your workforce when you make the transition to Office 365. This website is packed with helpful information to get you started and to help you understand how to utilize each tool. You will have access to:

    • Videos,
    • Vision statement samples,
    • Quick start guides,
    • Action plans for efficient collaboration and tools,
    • “How to”lessons,
    • Webinars and so much more.


    Outlook OneDrive Tour:

    This tour will walk you through Outlook OneDrive for Office365. Outlook OneDrive solves the problem of not being able to send large files through Office365 using outlook. This video will show you the old way OneDrive used to work to send large and any files. The new Outlook OneDrive eliminates the waiting and any complications you used to have for large documents in a matter of seconds.


    OneNote for Project Managers:

    This tour is the perfect tool for office managers. OneNote provides a solution to team members who want to effectively collaborate in documents. This video has been made specifically for project managers to learn how to assign projects, review progress and evaluate results.

    For more videos to help your team get the most out of Office 365, visit our YouTube Channel. You will find new Office 365 videos every week.

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