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    Update Available for MessageOps PowerShell Extensions

    We’ve added some exciting new features to our PowerShell extensions that we hope you’ll find useful.  The new commands give you the ability to:

    • Set Mailbox Folder Permissions in Exchange Online.  This is a huge feature if you have to bulk set permissions for a large number of mailboxes.
    • Get the size and item count of an Exchange Online mailbox.  Anyone who has tried to use the Microsoft commands get this information, knows they have problems from time to time.
    • Send a HTML or Text email message via EWS using an identity you specify.
    • Export messages in a folder to the file system as . EML files.
    • Delete expired appointments from resource mailboxes to help prevent them from exceeding the size limit.

    The updated version of the commands can be downloaded from the PowerShell Extensions Page.  If you already have the extensions installed, just replace the DLL file to be able to take advantage of the new commands.

    We’d also like to add that if your organization has a need for a custom script, drop us a line at info@messageops.com, and we’ll see what we can do.

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