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    Updates for Office for Tablets Including Word Mobile, Sway, Excel Mobile and PowerPoint Mobile

    Updates for Office for Tablets Including Word Mobile, Sway, Excel Mobile and PowerPoint Mobile on messageops.com

    Don’t miss these new Office updates for Windows tablets and the new iPad Pro.

    Microsoft recently released a video that outlines several of the recent updates to Word Mobile, Sway, Excel Mobile, and PowerPoint Mobile for Windows tablets and the Apple iPad Pro. These updates are sure to be welcomed by busy business executives who are constantly on the go, but still want to have access to all of their important documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from anywhere.

    New Sway App for Windows 10

    While Sway has been available online for several months, Microsoft just recently released a dedicated Sway app for Windows 10. Sway is a digital canvas for storytelling that allows you to easily create interactive, scrolling content to be shared with others inside and outside of your organization.

    Several new features are included in the Sway Windows 10 app including a chart preview that allows you to easily edit Excel charts directly in Sway and have the changes instantly propagate to anyone that is viewing the document. Sway now offers a variety of image viewing enhancements that allow you to show images in grids and show before and after versions of images with an easy to use slider transition.

    New updates to Excel Mobile

    New updates to Excel Mobile for tablets are focused on making data manipulation easier in a touch environment. Excel now offers auto complete functionality that allows you to more easily populate data without a keyboard or mouse using the onscreen keyboard.

    Improved search and replace functionality also offers users the ability to easily find and replace data without the use of a keyboard or mouse.

    A new autofill feature is also now easily accessible when users need to populate chronological data like dates. This functionality is activated with a simple drag of the finger in Excel Mobile.

    PowerPoint Mobile updates

    Updates to PowerPoint are primarily focused on the new Designer feature, which allows users to quickly create high quality presentations. For example, when users add an image to a presentation slide, PowerPoint will now automatically suggest design templates that will work well with the selected image.

    New morph transitions are also now available that ensures smooth transitions when creating presentations.

    Improved Inking abilities

    Microsoft has made a variety of improvements to Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to ensure seamless inking support across all Windows 10 tablet apps. This allows users to easily annotate across all apps and share their changes in real time with other colleagues.

    Improved functionality for iPad Pro

    The Office Apps for iPad Pro also offers a variety of new features including improved linking capabilities as well as multitasking capabilities. Users can now easily place two Office apps side by side to move data between documents.

    Updated Office Apps available

    If you’re ready to take some of these new features for a test drive, feel free to download updated versions of Office apps through the Windows App Store or Apple App Store.

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