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Updates for SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business

Updates for SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business on messageops.com

New updates to Office 365 offer welcome storage increases to small businesses.

Recently, Microsoft quietly released an announcement that is a big benefit for small business owners who utilize the SharePoint & OneDrive for Business platforms. This announcement is related to the default storage amount that an Office 365 tenant will receive. The previous limit was just 10GB plus an additional 500MB per licensed user. For a company with a small number of users, this capacity restraint became a limiting factor in properly using the SharePoint & OneDrive for Business platforms.

Increased storage space offers new opportunities for office 365 users

According to a recent entry on the Office.com blog, the new storage limit will be 1TB plus an additional 500MB per licensed user. The switch from 10GB to 1TB is a massive increase and should allow for small businesses to more easily access the many features across all of the Office 365 products including SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.

Aside from the large storage capacity increase, the upload file size has also been increased to 10GB, which should be a welcome upgrade, especially for users that are storing large amounts of media files on the Office 365 Video platform.

Improved auditing across office 365 services also rolled out

In addition to the welcomed storage capacity increases, Microsoft also improved auditing and reporting across all Office 365 services in this recent update. These new features can be accessed from the Office 365 Compliance Center where administrators can create activity reports by simply clicking “Start recording user and admin activities”.

These activities include both folder and file actions such as create, view, edit, delete, upload, and download, synchronization activity, and sharing functions like access and invitation requests. These updated reports can be tailored by file within a specific date range or by user. More comprehensive reporting functions should allow for administrators to better track and understand why certain actions were taken by users within an organization.

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