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    Use Microsoft Planner to Streamline Your Work Day

    Use Microsoft Planner to Streamline Your Work Day on messageops.com


    Microsoft Planner offers a highly visual way to track open tasks and projects to help promote teamwork.

    Everyone is always on the lookout for that one tool that’s going to make them more productive or is at least going to help them stay on top of their massive to-do list. Thankfully, Office 365 offers a tool in Microsoft Planner that should help you to not only become more productive but also to simplify the distractions that can monopolize your work day.

    What is Microsoft Planner?

    Microsoft Planner is a cloud-based tool that allows your team to work together to assign tasks, create and manage plans, share files, and chat about various updates on what you’re currently working on. Microsoft Planner is built into Office 365, which allows you to access your data from anywhere, never having to worry about missing an update on any of your projects.

    Microsoft Planner is different from other task management software

    There are likely hundreds of different task management software apps on the web, so why choose Microsoft Planner? Below are just a few of the reasons our customers continue to lean on Microsoft Planner when it comes to task management.

    • Built into Office 365. As mentioned above, Microsoft Planner tightly integrates with Office 365. This means that not only are you able to take advantage of Microsoft’s award-winning infrastructure when it comes to housing your data, but you can also utilize all the other Office 365 apps in tandem with Microsoft Planner.
    • Visual representation of your open tasks. With Microsoft Planner each plan has its own board where you’re able to organize your tasks into buckets. You can further categorize each task by who it’s assigned to as well as the task status. This virtual “whiteboard” helps to ensure everyone understands where each project and individual task within those projects stands.
    • Device agnostic. Microsoft Planner works on your desktop, mobile phone, and This way wherever you are, you can always find out if your team is making the necessary progress to meet their goals.
    • Email notifications. You can also set up email notifications to alert any team member when they’ve been added to a task or mentioned in a conversation.
    • Centralized task views. If you’re working on multiple tasks, Microsoft Planner offers a “My Tasks” view that provides a comprehensive look at all your open tasks across multiple projects. This way you’ll always know where you stand on each task across all your open projects.
    • Connect files and tasks. With Microsoft Planner, you can attach files to individual tasks as opposed to sending multiple attachments via email that will often get lost or overlooked. Microsoft Planner helps you and your team streamline communication and ensure that all relevant files and data are contained with the plan itself as opposed to being spread out across a myriad of different tools and applications.

    New features added to Microsoft Planner

    Microsoft is constantly listening to its users, which is why new features are frequently being rolled out to Office 365 users. Four new Microsoft Planner features that were just released include:

    • New schedule view. A new schedule view has been added to easily view your open tasks. This view can be categorized by week or month and offers full drag and drop functionality so that you can easily rearrange your open tasks.
    • Email notifications for due dates. Users can now receive email notifications that outline tasks that are due in the upcoming week.
    • Additional filtering in Microsoft With new Group and Filter options in Microsoft Planner, users can better understand their open tasks and approaching due dates. Use the Filter feature to quickly show upcoming deadlines, or the Group feature to view tasks that haven’t been started, as an example.
    • Integration with Outlook calendar feed. Thanks to new iCalendar format, Microsoft Planner users can ensure tasks are added directly to their Outlook calendar.

    Interested in learning more about the versatility of Microsoft Planner?

    If you’re still looking for task management software that’s useful, but malleable based on the needs of your team, don’t discount the versatility of Microsoft Planner. To learn more about this software that’s built into Office 365, feel free to give us a call today at 877-788-1617 or reach out via our online contact form.

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