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    Help employees stay productive with Azure RemoteApp

    Are you looking for new ways to increase business productivity? Check out Azure RemoteApp.

    devices with Azure RemoteApp - MessageOps Boca Raton, FLAzure RemoteApp helps employees stay productive anywhere, and on a variety of devices – Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, or Android. Your company’s applications run on Windows Server in the Azure cloud, where they’re easier to scale and update. Users can access their applications remotely from their Internet-connected laptop, tablet, or phone. While appearing to run on the users’ local device, the applications are centralized on Azure’s protected, reliable platform.

    4 Key Benefits of Azure RemoteApp:

    1. Run Windows applications anywhere
    2. Scale quickly to meet changing business needs
    3. Safeguard sensitive corporate applications
    4. Supports cloud and hybrid deployments

    We’ve outlined some frequently asked questions about Azure RemoteApp:

    devices with Azure RemoteApp - MessageOps Boca Raton, FLWhich operating systems are good for the app? Windows, Mac OSX, iOS and Android.

    What programs can I access? All Microsoft Suite programs (i.e. Outlook, Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, etc.) and any other programs you need.

    What about my storage? If you get the RemoteApp to Azure, you will be able to use the storage, scalability and global reach of Azure minus any complex on-premises formatting.

    How can I regulate the usage of this app on multiple devices? Well, as the administrator of your Azure cloud, you will be able to keep tabs on how your team members use the app through the Azure Management Portal, while they use the system in the device of their preference.

    Are there any RemoteApp options of deployment? Yes, there are 2:

    1. Cloud Collection: this option is hosted in and stores ALL data in the Azure Cloud.
    2. Hybrid Collection: this option is hosted in and stores data in the Azure cloud as well. However, your team members will still be able to access/store data and resources from your local networks.

    What information do my team members need to access the app? They can easily sign in with their Microsoft account or corporate credentials.

    Which one is better: Cloud or Hybrid collection? It all depends on your needs. The cloud is a great option for those who won’t need access to any data from your local network. Hybrid is a great option if your team needs the mobility, but also needs data and files from your local network.

    Is there a trial available?   Yes, and it includes the Office 365 ProPlus or Office 2013 apps previously installed and ready to be shared with your users.

    Where do I sign up? Contact the experts at MessageOps to determine what solution is right for you.

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