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    Veeam Promotions for Office 365 and DR / Backup and Recovery (including Cloud Solutions)

    By Kevin Vogl, VP of Virtualization & Cloud

    Veeam BackUp and Recovery Promotions for Office 365

    Veeam Backup

    Veeam is a key component to many organization’s data management strategy for their virtualized environments. They rely on Veeam to backup all of their virtual machines w/out having to take them down or install agents on individual applications. Veeam has taken the next step to help you with your physical Windows and Linux servers, along with Workstations, and now adds the cloud to the equation. There is also a great promotion available for backing up your Office 365.

    In this blog post, we break it all down for you and included the promotions available.

    1. Free Veeam Backup for Office 365 Promotion (through June 30th)

    If you are an existing Veeam customer that has Veeam Availability Suite, Veeam Backup & Replication or Veeam Backup Essentials, you can get 1 year of free Veeam Backup for Office 365 for unlimited users. Offer includes support and this offering is through June 30, 2017. If you are not an existing Veeam customer, there are some options available like purchasing a Veeam license or paying a promotional price. https://go.veeam.com/promo-hybrid-cloud

    1. Availability of Veeam for Physical & Cloud based Servers running Linux and Windows OS

    Veeam for Microsoft Windows and Linux help you avoid downtime and data loss for Windows and Linux-based physical or public cloud-based workloads quickly and easily. Delivering availability for physical and cloud-based servers and workstations — both on-premises or remote — presents challenges all organizations must overcome, including: complex and costly procedures to restore Linux and Windows workloads from public cloud environments such as Azure and AWS; backup and recovering mobile devices like laptops or tablets has always been a problem for users working outside the corporate infrastructure; and having more than one backup solution because of different environments (virtual and physical) has always been a challenge to keep up with the latest best practices for each product. Veeam’s new solution for Hybrid clouds is the only real solution to tackle both your virtual, physical and cloud environments in a single interface with one management structure.

    Promotion: Get free 6 month licenses for current Veeam customers

    NEW Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows and NEW Veeam Agent for Linux to protect:

    • Physical servers (running Windows or Linux)
    • Endpoints (Laptops/Desktops)
    • VMs running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure
    1. Veeam Cloud Backup and DRaaS Promotion (through June 30th)

    The program provides any customer using Veeam Availability Suite™, Veeam Backup & replication, or Veeam Backup Essentials™ with up to $1,000 in free Cloud Connect services. After a few quick and easy configuration steps, you’ll be sending your data off-site to a cloud in minutes. Customers must register for activation code by June 30th, 2017 and use Free Cloud Connect services by Sept 30, 2017. Here is the link: https://go.veeam.com/promo-free-cloud-services
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