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The benefits of Canopy

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Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DrasS) is usually implemented in addition to, or separate from, an overall availability strategy, which adds a layer of complexity to backup management and makes it difficult for organizations to feel confident that they can recover if something goes horribly wrong.

Limited bandwith, exploding data volumes, and a lack of resources can make it difficult to get backups offsite and into a truly offsite backup respository. But that’s what makes Canopy so uniquel Powered by Veeam, Canopy makes it easy for organizations of all sizes to manage a hosted backup repository (called Canopy cloud repository)-without the added costs of managing an additonal datacenter site.

  • SEAMLESS: Use your Canopy cloud repository like a local backup repository. Simply open your Veeam backup or backup copy job. There is no additonal download or licensing required.
  • EFFICIENT: Get your backups offsite quickly and easily-without adding bandwidth. Canopy minimizes data transfer while maximizing restore points using forever-incremental backups, in-cloud synthetic fulls, built-in WAN Acceleration* and more.
  • SECURE: Canopy’s even safer and more confidential than your own dedicated, offsite repository. Why? Because backups are encrypted at the source, both in flight and at rest. Multi-tebabt capabilities ensure the solution is efficient, effective, and scalable. Content-aware compression and WAN Acceleration* mean there is no negative impact on data transfer to the cloud. Now you can sleep better at night. (You’re welcome.)
  • FAST: Storage and networking resource allocation, CPU, and RAM work together to make this disaster recovery cloud host extremely fast. With just a few clicks through a secure web portal, you can perform a full-site failover to a remote DR site located anywhere. Partial-site failovers will instantly switch over to selected VM replicas only. 1-click failover orchestration means you can execute quickly.
  • SIMPLE: Built-in network extension appliances simplify networking complexity and preserve communication with and between running VMs, regardless of their physical location. Full and partial failback make it easy to restore normal business operations after a disaster.
  • COMPREHENSIVE: Veeam-driven Canopy enables DRaaS part of a comprehensive availability strategy that embraces virtualization and storage investments in your data center and extends them through your hybrid cloud. Affordable and efficient image-based VM replication delivers true cloud-based disaster recovery for all applications.

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Canopy Cloud Backup Pricing

One-time set up charge: $950

500GB storage500GB storage
Per GB pricing modelPer GB pricing model
Repository in single data centerRepository data replicated to second data center
Up to 5 VMs at 100GB each (additional VMs at additional cost)Up to 5 VMs at 100GB each (additional VMs at additional cost)
13 cents per GB per monthWAN acceleration available
13 dollars additional VM per month26 cents per GB per month
13 dollars additional VM per month

10 Mb/s bandwidth provided at no extra charge

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How much storage do I need?

A: The storage requirements are available in 500GB increments. To calculate the amount of storage needed you will need to take into account the volume of storage used, how quickly it changes, how long is the retention, and how easily is it compressed. While this calculation can be complicated a general rule of thumb is 120% of your consumed storage will allow for a retention period between 6 and 12 months.

Q2: How much bandwidth do I need?

A: The rate of change of the data will dictate how much bandwidth is needed. The base product comes with a 10M port standard. WAN acceleration may be added to reduce the total amount of bandwidth needed.

Q3: How do I get my initial backup to the cloud?

A: Initial backups may be loaded over existing bandwidth or there is a physical seeding service which includes the delivery of a NAS to make local backups that can then be imported into the cloud.

Q4: Where is my data housed?

A: Currently you have the choice of data centers in Greenville, SC and Nashville, TN.

Q5: Can I have my data in two data centers?

A: Yes. The premium product allows for backups to be uploaded to a single site and then mirrored to a seconday.

Q6: How do I restore a file?

A: Files are restored through your onsite Veeam backup server. The Cloud Connect repository will look like an additional repository on the system.

Q7: What if I need to restore all of my backups?

A: Upon request, physical media will be provided to quickly recover large volumes of data back to your site.

Q8: How do I know if my data made it to the cloud?

A: In your Veeam backup server you will be able to monitor your offsite backups just as you do your local backups today.

Q9: What if I run out of space?

A: Adding space is as simple as a phone call. You will be able to view your consumed space from your Veeambackup server just as if it were on your on hardware.

Q10: What version and edition of Veeam do I need?

A: Any version that supports VeeamCloud Connect.

Q11: How long does it take to back up a typical VM?

A: A typical VM is about 80 GB. The initial backup would take less than an hour.

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