Let’s talk about a little-known side of email that controls and prioritizes the messages in your inbox

There are world records, tax records, and even old vinyl records (before we had MP3s). There also are MX records. You may not have heard of this kind of record before, but email can’t be delivered to your domain without one.

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As a company grows or reconfigures the use of its domain name, it may be necessary to update these MX Records. It’s really a technical thing, and it’s something the Office 365 project team will take care of on your behalf.

Here’s what you need to know about the process of an MX record cutover.

Never heard of it before. Can I buy MX Records on iTunes?

No. An MX Record can’t even carry a tune, as far as we know. It’s a mail exchange record that controls and prioritizes email. The MX Record makes sure messages get to your mailbox as soon as possible.

What’s wrong with the one I have?

It usually has to do with a domain change. It could be that your company has grown, making it necessary for more mail servers to handle delivery. Don’t panic. You won’t have to change any settings in Outlook. This is all behind the scenes. Your new MX Record helps Office 365 route email more properly and efficiently.

How do I get ready?

There’s only one important thing you need to do to prepare. Identify any business processes dependent on email. You’ll need to watch them after we make the MX Record change. You may not even realize the change has happened. What you do know, though, are your business processes. So we’re just asking that you make sure they’re all working after we make the switch. You won’t have to guess about that. We’ll definitely let you know.

Is there a possibility of explosions?

We’re your partners in change. We promise there won’t be any pyrotechnics. Smart businesses always prepare for worst-case scenarios. This is your opportunity to make sure you’ve got a backup plan in place in case of a temporary issue.

Do you have manual procedures to handle critical business functions if your email or conferencing goes down? What would you do if the power went out? If you’ve got that covered, you’re prepared. We only ask that you won’t be disappointed if everything just keeps working as nicely as it always does.

You sound prepared. What precautions have you taken?

The Office 365 Project team is totally prepared. We’ve beefed up our staff. We’ve also got safeguards in place to capture and deal with any email error messages. Honestly, we don’t expect any challenges for you. All the work’s on our end. We don’t want a possible but temporary interruption to impact things at your office. Think of it like that speech you get before your flight takes off.

In the highly unlikely event there’s a problem, our team is all set to fix it and answer your questions. Just don’t ask us to explain why Twitter is thinking about getting rid of the 140-character limit. We don’t know.

The Zombie Apocalypse will never happen, either. But what if something really bad occurs?

We’ll put the old MX Records back.

Will this also solve the problems caused by climate change?

We’re saving that for a future upgrade. This change should not impact you at all. It’s a tested process, and the challenges are minimal.

If there’s a problem, what should we do?

It’s super-easy. Call the Help Desk. They’re going to ask you simple questions about the specific email that gave you problems. It won’t take up a lot of time, so you’ll need to come up with a different excuse for being late to your next meeting.

Should we order pizza? How long will this take?

Pizza sounds good, but you won’t be bothered by the actual MX Record change. It happens in seconds. It may take from one to five days to verify that all your business processes are working correctly.

Cool beans. I’m ready. But what if think of something later?

If you ever need help with Office 365, just give us a call at 877-788-1617. We’re always ready (and happy) to help!

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