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    What Is Azure Stack and How Can It Help Your Business?

    What Is Azure Stack and How Can It Help Your Business? on messageops.com

    Azure Stack helps organizations take advantage of the benefits of the cloud without abandoning their on-premises needs.

    Over the past several years, Microsoft has quietly expanded their cloud computing offerings, and organizations of all sizes are jumping on board. Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform, can help bridge the gap between your on-premises solutions and the cloud.

    What is the Azure Stack?

    Think of Azure Stack as a way to connect your on-premises environment and the cloud. This helps you to deploy Azure services for your own data center, while maintaining ultimate flexibility and control through hybrid cloud deployments.

    Use cases for Azure Stack

    Cloud apps that require varying regulatory restrictions

    In certain regulatory cases, you may need to deploy applications on premises. Azure Stack helps you to meet specific regulatory constraints that require on-premises support, while still allowing you to develop and deploy additional applications in the cloud.

    Address latency requirements

    With a hybrid cloud environment, you can use Azure Stack locally to process data and then move it to the cloud for further analysis. This offers the best of both worlds – giving you instant data processing power on-site, while also allowing you to leverage the power of the cloud for additional insights into your data.

    Why choose Azure Stack?

    While the cloud has been a game changer for most organizations, there are still situations where a hybrid approach is beneficial.

    Run Azure services on-premises

    Azure Stack allows you to run popular Azure services in your own data center and have these services communicate with cloud-based tools. Easily run serverless computing, fully managed platform as a service (PaaS), container management, and distributed microservices architectures on-premises.

    Create a consistent development environment

    Speed up development by allowing your developers to deploy applications in the exact same fashion, whether they’re being released to Azure or Azure Stack. The same set of tools, APIs, self-service portal, and application model are used regardless of whether you’re deploying to the cloud or on-site with Azure Stack.

    Support for open source technologies

    Over the past several years, Microsoft has become much more receptive to open source technologies. Azure Stack offers full support for a wide array of open source technologies, including Python, Java, Node,js, Docker, PHP, and many others.

    Interested in learning more about Azure Stack?

    Do you think your organization could benefit from a hybrid could environment like Azure Stack? Then talk to the experts at MessageOps. We’ve helped a number of organizations leverage the cloud as well as their on-premises datacenters through the use of Azure Stack, and can help your company too.

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