When people run efficient meetings, create time for focused work, and respect work/life boundaries their teams thrive. Putting these habits in place is difficult and takes the support of the entire team. Data can create a common language to help members build consensus on important teamwork norms. By shedding light on how work actually gets done, organizations can build more efficient, creative, and engaged teams.

Microsoft had announced two new features – Workplace Analytics solutions and MyAnalytics nudges – designed to put individuals and teams at the center of change.

Workplace Analytics solutions – master your time

Workplace Analytics uses data from everyday work in Office 365 to identify collaboration patterns that impact productivity, workforce effectiveness, and employee engagement.

Workplace Analytics Solutions and MyAnalytics Nudges Interface

Help to Discover collaboration challenges

Use the data from everyday work in Office 365, like emails and meetings, to discover challenges like meeting overload, minimal time for focused work, or high after-hours workload. Combine these insights with engagement survey results to find connections between work patterns and indicators of team health like engagement and innovation scores.

Empower teams to change

Enroll teams in change programs to help them build better habits like bringing agendas to meetings and blocking time for daily focused work. Participants receive personal productivity insights and action plans powered by MyAnalytics.

Measure and improve

Make sure your change programs are successful by measuring progress against goals over time. Iterate and improve as you see which action plans succeed or fail in changing teamwork habit.

With MyAnalytics nudges – work smarter with data-driven collaboration tips in Outlook

Building better teams starts with transparent, data-driven dialog – but no one is perfect and sticking to good collaboration habits can be challenging in a fast-paced job. Nudges in MyAnalytics can help close the gap by providing friendly, data-driven collaboration tips that surface as you get work done in Office 365.

Get more focus time

Challenging, innovative work requires deep focus and undivided attention. As your calendar fills up with meetings, MyAnalytics will remind you to set aside time for focused work before accepting new invites. You can see available times and block them off without leaving your inbox. MyAnalytics will also notify you when a meeting invite conflicts with a block of focus time that you’ve already scheduled.

Run more effective meetings

Meetings are essential to get work done, but they often take up the entire week, leaving little time for other work. As you create and receive meeting invites, MyAnalytics will nudge you to put good meeting habits into practice and save precious hours. For example, MyAnalytics will nudge you to delegate coworkers to cover a meeting for you if your schedule is already busy.

Reduce after-hours impact on coworkers

Microsoft had announced last year that MyAnalytics summarizes your after-hours impact on coworkers. Now, MyAnalytics will actively nudge you to avoid sending after-hours emails as you draft them to coworkers that you’ve recently impacted outside of regular working hours.

Stay on top of to-do’s and unread email

MyAnalytics already uses AI to remind you of tasks you promised over email to complete for coworkers (and tasks they asked you to get done). Now, MyAnalytics surfaces these reminders as you read emails from coworkers, so you can close out important tasks before taking on new ones. MyAnalytics will also remind you of unread email for your important contacts.

As of this summer, MyAnalytics users will see nudges on the latest version of Outlook on the web. Users can turn off nudging using the MyAnalytics add-in for Outlook. Read our support article to learn more.

MyAnalytics comes with Office 365 Enterprise E5 and is available as an add-on to other Office 365 enterprise plans. Learn more about MyAnalytics.

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